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Trustee Services

Trustees manage assets, handle day-to-day financial matters and ensure a smooth transition of assets…

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Special Needs Trusts

A special needs trust is designed for beneficiaries who are disabled, either physically or mentally…

Estate Settlement

Our fiduciary services ensures that a licensed professional handles the settlement…

Karen L. Fisher, CTFA, CLPF #675

Absolute Trust Podcast is here!

In this episode of the “Absolute Trust Podcast” attorney Kirsten Howe  highlights  how  many  people  just  don’t  know  what  a  professional  fiduciary  is  or  that  having  someone  outside  the  family  to  administer  trusts  and  estates  is  even  an  option.  Bishop Fiduciary Services’ own Karen Fisher discusses  the  vast  range  of  services  that  she  offers throughout Contra Costa County, Alameda County and the greater Bay Area,  the  processes  that  she  goes  through  with  clients  and  how  one  becomes  a  professional  fiduciary.  Karen  also  weighs  in  on  the  enormous  benefits  that  come  from  having  a  professional  fiduciary.

Karen  Fisher  has  the  cheat  sheet  of  all  cheat  sheets  to  help  you  and  your  loved  ones  prepare.  And  believe  us  when  we  say,  they  will  love  you  even  more  for  the  extra  steps  and  preparation.  Download  your  exclusive  planning  document  here:

Trust Planning Document

Listen to Karen on the Absolute Trust Podcast:

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