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It’s hard for family members to focus on taking care of financial and legal obligations after a loved one passes away. Estate settlement procedures are involved requiring specialized knowledge. Conflicts often arise during this particular time as family relationships take a back seat to the legal and financial demands.

Our fiduciary services ensure that a licensed professional handles the settlement of the estate from the beginning in identifying, collecting and protecting the assets; and through the end when it is time to distribute assets to the heirs.

Whether your family needs successor trustee services or you require an executor for a probate, Bishop Fiduciary Services will step in and efficiently handle all aspects of the estate settlement process. We control every aspect of the estate settlement process with the highest level of care and concern.

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The length of time to complete a trust or probate administration increases for larger and more complex estates. There may be federal estate taxes due. Complex asset distribution schedules might need to be prepared to satisfy all beneficiaries. As trustee or executor, we may need to hire professionals to review strategies to reduce taxes or extend the length of time to pay off debt. It is important to keep all interested parties informed. We will keep everyone informed with timely updates so that beneficiaries can make decisions that impact their lives. It is an honor to work with every family during a difficult time in their lives.

One good example of the complexity of estates we’ve settled is a probate in Sacramento County languishing for over ten years. The primary asset went from $2 Million in value to Zero because of toxic waste materials on site. The State of California wouldn’t allow development of the land even after federal super fund money was used for five years to clean up the waste site. The beneficiaries were understandably angry because they had no inheritance and their financial lives were in limbo.

We decided to look at the problem differently when we were brought into the case. We consulted with a team of real estate professionals and an environmental consultant. We began having open dialogues with the Environmental Department in Sacramento.

Within two years we had the State’s approval to develop the land. We hired an international real estate broker and the property sold for more than asking price in a Courthouse auction. It was through the diligent efforts of a team approach that made this a success for the Estate and the family.

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